It's Time for European Transmission Repair

It's Time for European Transmission RepairThe transmission in your European auto has an important job, which is essentially to transfer the power created by the engine to the wheels. If the transmission were to have trouble operating, it could make it very difficult for your car to move, if it can at all. That's why it is very important to head to the auto shop at the very first sign of transmission trouble. Any issues that are left unaddressed could very well lead to bigger trouble and the need for more extensive and expensive transmission repairs. If you notice any of these signs of transmission trouble, make an appointment for service as soon as possible.

Grinding Noise

One of the most common signs of transmission trouble is a grinding noise that occurs as the transmission shifts. This can happen in both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. It is often a sign of poor lubrication, which means your vehicle may be low on transmission fluid.

Erratic Shifting/Pops Out of Gear

If your automatic transmission vehicle seems to shift unnecessarily or erratically, or if your manual transmission tends to fall or pop out of gear into neutral, visit the shop immediately. Both of these are dangerous problems, because they prevent you from having proper control of your vehicle.

Delayed Shifts

Does the engine rev high as your automatic transmission shifts? This is a clear sign of a problem. Shifting should always be smooth, so any pause between gears is an indication of trouble. This is likely due to low tranny fluid, but it could be a computer problem in newer cars.

Can't get into Gear

Perhaps one of the more obvious signs of transmission trouble is if you simply can't get into gear at all. You may not be able to get into one particular gear, or any gear, depending on the issue, but this is a problem that occurs in all transmission types.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Have you found a puddle of red liquid collecting underneath your vehicle? This is very likely a transmission fluid leak. Low transmission fluid can cause all sorts of problems, including all of the above. Any time you spot a leak coming from your car, it needs to be addressed by a professional technician.

If you're having trouble getting through the gears be sure to visit a reputable European auto repair shop. For expert European transmission repair in Tampa get in touch with Rennen Imports. Our team is dedicated to using the latest technology to pinpoint and fix trouble fast. Give us a call at (813) 879-2886 to schedule superior European auto repair in Tampa or the surrounding areas.

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