Ways to Ruin Your Transmission

Ways to Ruin Your TransmissionBy keeping up with transmission maintenance, you can reduce the risk of issues arising in the first place. But if any indication of transmission trouble does emerge, you'll want to be proactive about addressing it. Transmission problems are known to badly worsen within just a few miles, which can lead to repairs that are far more expensive than may have been necessary if you'd gotten to the shop sooner. Here's a look at six bad driving habits that can cause transmission trouble.

Slam on Your Brakes

When you slam the brakes, your transmission mounts can become susceptible to damage, which creates its own safety concern. While it's inevitable that you'll find yourself in situations where you have to hit the brakes hard, it's best to avoid doing this whenever safely possible.

Don't Set Parking Brake

When you don't use the parking brake, your transmission can be put under heavy stress as it tries to hold your vehicle in place. Using the e-brake is particularly important when you're parked on a slope.

Never Check Transmission Fluid

If you don't check your transmission fluid, you might not be aware if it becomes burnt or its level becomes dangerously low.

Don't Fully Stop Before Shifting from Drive to Reverse

Transmission problems are more likely to emerge if you regularly shift between a forward gear and reverse without first coming to a complete stop.

Stomp on the Gas Pedal

By punching the accelerator, driveline parts, including the transmission, can become stressed. After creating excessive torque, the transmission needs a chance to cool down so it doesn't overheat.

Delay Transmission Maintenance

If you don't keep up with basic transmission maintenance, then expensive problems are more likely to develop due to friction between moving parts. This friction can cause parts to wear out to the point that major repairs become necessary.

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Posted: November 8, 2020

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