Common Warning Signs of Engine Trouble

At the first indication of engine trouble, you'll want to bring the issue to a mechanic's attention. This way, you can get a prompt diagnosis and the problem can be fixed before it gets worse. Here are seven symptoms of engine trouble.

Loss of Power

It's not cause for alarm if an old vehicle with high mileage has slowly lost some power as it has aged. However, if your car suddenly loses a lot of power, then you could be dealing with a serious problem, such as worn-out pistons.

Knocking Noise

Low oil can lead to insufficient lubrication, which may in turn result in a knocking or tapping noise. Another issue that could cause a knocking sound is if the air-fuel mixture ignites by itself, instead of via spark plug. This is also an issue that should be taken care of quickly.


When oil gets extremely low, vibrations may arise from your engine due to metal-on-metal contact.

Check Engine Light Comes On

If you check engine light turns on, it doesn't automatically mean that your engine is about to fail. But it's still smart to bring your vehicle to the shop so that computerized diagnostics can identify what is triggering the light.


Cooling system problems, such as coolant leaks, should be promptly addressed. Otherwise, your engine will be at risk of overheating, which could have severe consequences, such as a cracked block.

Discolored/Excessive Exhaust Smoke

The smoke's color can provide a hint about the engine problem. An oil leak can cause blue-tinged smoke. White smoke suggests an internal coolant leak. Black smoke is a sign that an excessive amount of oil is burning.

Engine Stalls while Idling

A fuel delivery problem is often the reason that vehicles stall out while idling. If you stall out in traffic, it could create a safety hazard, so any fuel delivery issues should be addressed as soon as possible.

If you need European auto repair, be sure to visit a reputable specialist. For European engine repair in Tampa, FL, contact the experts at Rennen Imports at (813) 879-2886. Feel free to give Rennen Imports a call today to make an appointment for any of your European vehicle's repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: May 9, 2021

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