6 Important Reasons to Get Your Oil Changed

It's commonly recommended that conventional oil changes be completed at some point between 3,000 and 5,000 miles, while synthetic oil should be changed somewhere between 6,000 and 10,000 miles. Still, it's best to consult your owner's manual to see the mileage points and oil type that are specified for your particular vehicle. To keep your engine healthy, you'll want to always keep up with your oil change schedule. Here are six benefits of getting your oil changed.

Sufficient Lubrication

The right level of clean oil plays a crucial role in creating the necessary lubrication to prevent major damage to your engine's moving parts. One sign of dangerously low oil is a repetitive tapping noise coming from the engine.

Replace Oil Filter

A clogged-up oil filter can prevent oil from effectively moving through the engine. As a result, friction could cause major engine problems.

Get Rid of Engine Gunk

As oil ages, it's more likely to become filled with pollutants that cause a mucky consistency. When you get your oil changed, this contaminated oil will be sent away and your car will be filled up with fresh oil that will help to keep your engine healthier.

Maximum Engine Power

With fresh oil, it's easier for your engine to attain the greatest amount of power. In turn, your car will drive more efficiently, which can improve fuel-economy.

Identification of Emerging Engine Issues

It's best to get your oil changed at an actual auto shop instead of an express lube joint. This way, a mechanic's trained eye will be able to spot any emerging problems, which can then be addressed before they worsen and become more costly to fix.

Healthy Engine Temperature

The proper level of clean oil plays an important role in the redistribution of heat from your combustion chamber. This helps to keep your engine temperature in a healthy range.

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Posted: February 7, 2021

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