4 Ways to Restore Falling MPGs

4 Ways to Restore Falling MPGsDid you know there are some easy simple maintenances that will help to restore your vehicle's MPGs to like-new numbers? Some of these services can be addressed by the driver, while others can be easily taken care of during a tune-up by professional auto technicians. Any money you spend on these measures will be an investment rewarded by keeping your wallet closed longer between fill ups. Here's a look at four easy ways to restore your vehicle's fuel efficiency.

New Air Filter

This is a simple task on most vehicle, but also one that is very important for long term health. A clogged air filter may reduce fuel-efficiency because it can prevent proper amounts of oxygen from reaching the combustion chamber. This will cause your vehicle to burn more fuel than necessary.

Replace Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are what ignite the air and fuel mixture inside the engine to create the tiny explosions that powers the pistons up and down. Over time the spark plugs may become corroded, which causes them to misfire. Changing spark plugs is a relatively simple and affordable process on most cars and trucks.

Proper Tire Inflation

When tire rubber is soft, meaning it is underinflated, it takes more power to make it roll. Tires that need air can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 25 percent. Most service stations have a tool that allows you to check tire pressure and fill up on air. The air pressure rating of your tire should be imprinted on the tire's sidewall.

Correct Fuel Grade

While it may be tempting to save a few bucks by purchasing a lower grade gas, even if your vehicle calls for mid-grade or above, you'll want to stick to the suggested gas. If you use lower grade fuel, your vehicle's MPGs are likely to fall, and you can even end up with big engine issues. Contrary, if your vehicle doesn't need higher grade fuel, don't use it. Doing so just costs more, but has no benefit for your vehicle.

Routine auto maintenance is key to keeping your car's fuel efficiency peaked. For expert fuel saving auto maintenance in Tampa for your European or domestic auto head to Rennen Imports. Our team is highly skilled at all aspects of factory services for all makes and models, including BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Land Rover, Maserati, Porsche and others. To request an appointment for professional European auto repair in Tampa give us a call at (813) 879-2886 today.

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