4 Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

4 Signs Your Car Needs Suspension RepairThe suspension is one of the most important systems in your car, yet many people hardly pay it any attention. While there is a general understanding that healthy suspension is what ensures a comfortable ride as you cruise down the pothole filled roads of America, it does a lot more that keeps you and your passengers safe. The suspension system is tasked with keeping all four wheels of your vehicle on the ground at all times to ensure adequate braking power. The suspension also prevents your car from rolling over or losing control while cornering. If you notice any of the following signs of failing suspension be sure to visit your local auto repair center to have the issue resolved.

One corner of the car is low

A common sign of failure within the suspension system is if one corner of the car appears low but all the tires are properly inflated. This will occur if the shocks or struts in that corner (tire area) have grown worn and collapsed on themselves. If this is the case they will need to be replaced with proper parts to restore the safety and driveability of your vehicle.

Oily struts

If you do find one corner of your car is low you can check the suspension parts by rubbing your hands or a rag against the strut in that corner. If you find oil leaking from the strut you can be sure that you've found the problem. Struts use a special type of oil to absorb the bumps in the road and should it begin to leak due to a crack in the case or a broke seal you'll quickly find your ride is less comfortable and controllable than it use to be.

Rollover sensation

The anti-sway bar is responsible for keeping your vehicle upright and in control while cornering. It is designed to shift the car's center of gravity in order to prevent rollovers. If this part of your vehicle fails you may in fact feel a rollover sensation while cornering. This issue will only get worse and could result in an actual rollover accident in the future, so be sure to head to the auto shop right away.

Bounce test

Should you believe your car's suspension is failing for any reason, including the above, you can test the suspension quite easily. Push on the hood or the trunk of your car to get it to start bouncing up and down. Once you stop pushing the car it should return to a stable position within 3 to 4 bounces, anymore than that and it is likely time for suspension repair.

As you can see, the suspension is very integral to the comfort and the safety of your ride. If you believe that you need suspension repair in Tampa for your BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover or other European auto, head to Rennen Imports. We take great pride in our ability to properly fix European cars using high quality parts at a cost less than that of the dealer. To schedule European auto repair in Tampa with our team of experts give us a call at (813) 879-2886 today.

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