4 Common Electrical Problems with the Audi A4

4 Common Electrical Problems with the Audi A4Audi has been producing the A4 since 1994 and it has been a well renowned vehicle since its inception. Even the first model run of the cars, known as B5 and produced from 1994-2001, are still highly respected in the Audi community, and there are plenty of these vehicles still on the road. However, over the years A4s have been known to develop a few common electrical problems. Electrical issues can be difficult to diagnose, but as cars age and people begin to realize similarities in problems, a common cause and repair is often found. Here are four common auto electric problems with late model Audi A4s.

Power Window Motor Burns Out

One of the most common electrical issues with these cars are burnt out power window motors, generally the driver's side will go out first, as it is used most often. This is a relatively simple fix that requires the replacement of the motor within the door panel.

Display Screens

On vehicles equipped with display screens it has been witnessed that areas of the screens will burn out, making it difficult to read the screen. In order to restore the visibility of the screen the whole unit may need to be replaced.

Stuck Brake Lights

Have your brake lights become stuck in the on position? You're not alone. This is caused by a faulty brake switch that needs replacing. The part is readily available and the repair can be completed in as little as 20 minutes!

Center Control Spill

In newer Audi A4s the MMI unit, which controls the radio, navigation and other systems in the dashboard and infotainment system, is located directly under the cupholders. Unfortunately this all too often results in spills that kill the unit, which requires a replacement of the whole control board.

Audi is known to produce cutting edge vehicles that are highly sought after, even years after leaving the factory. If you end up with one that is giving you a bit of trouble in the electrical department or otherwise you can rest assured that there are fixes available. If you need Audi repair in Tampa, FL, or the surrounding communities be sure to visit Rennen Imports. Our expert European auto repair techs will have your Audi or other German, British, Swedish or Italian car running great in no time. Give us a call at (813) 879-2886 to schedule superior German auto repair in Tampa today.

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