Top Traits of a European Dealership Alternative

Top Traits of a European Dealership AlternativeWhen it's time to have your German, British or other European automobile serviced you may feel inclined to head to the dealership to ensure that any work is done properly. The thing is, you don't have to subject yourself to high dealership fees and you can still get the same great service, as long as you choose an independent repair center with the proper traits. Here are five things to look for when choosing a dealership alternative.

Factory Trained Technicians

It is important that only qualified hands get under the hood of your vehicle so be sure to find out what sort of training the techs at a shop you're interested in have. They should have received factory training and undergo continuous education in order to keep up with the rapidly changing technology of the automotive field.

Warranty Work

If your vehicle is still under warranty it is important to keep up with all factory services required to keep the warranty valid. You do not have to go to a dealership for these services. Talk to a facility about their ability to maintain factory warranties.

State of the Art Technology

Today's automobiles are incredibly complex. They are full of computers, sensors and other gadgets that make them go, stop and even talk to you. In order service all the components of a modern vehicle a facility needs the latest repair and service technology available. If a shop doesn't invest in new tech, you shouldn't invest in them.

Quality Parts

Not only do you need the right parts installed on your car to keep warranties valid, but proper parts are necessary for safe and reliable transportation. Talk to the shop about where they source parts and if they use OEM or aftermarket parts.

Affordable Pricing

One of the best benefits of using a dealership alternative is the discount on labor. If you aren't saving money, they aren't a true dealership alternative. Find out what their labor rates are and compare them to a dealership.

If you're looking for a true European dealership alternative in Tampa that meets all of these requirements, head to Rennen Imports. We offer factory auto maintenance and repairs for most European makes and models. To learn more about our European auto repair shop in Tampa or to schedule an appointment for service give us a call at (813) 879-2886.

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